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Offering Expert Repair, Rebuilding and Replacement of Transmissions for all Makes and Models

Transmission Services


Removal of the old transmission fluid and replace it with new, clean fluid of the grade recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.


In Addition to replacing old transmission fluid, replacing the automatic transmission filter helps remove dirt and contaminants from the automatic transmission fluid.


As the transmission fluid ages, viscosity breaks down and contaminants build up, leaving your vehicle's transmission vulnerable to breakdowns. A complete Transmission flush replaces all the fluid in the transmission and gives long term protection and reliability.

Transmission Services

About Willow Creek Transmissions

Mercury Mountaineer

Mercury Mountaineer | Willow Creek Transmissions

The Mercury Mountaineer, a midsize SUV, can be considered the luxury version of the Ford Explorer. It shares many of the Explorer's main features, as well as being manufactured by a Ford marque that specializes in manufacturing entry-level luxury automobiles. The Mercury Mountaineer is a considerably more expensive SUV than the Explorer, and it is currently in its third generation

First-generation Mountaineers tend to have transmission and suspension issues. In some vehicles, the gearbox can flare when shifting from second to third gear. This can be fixed by correcting the shift solenoid malfunction. The sway bar links can also bend or break due to rigid original bushings.

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Don't waste your money on a used hasn't been updated, and will fail just like yours has. Our transmissions have been completely disassembled, cleaned, and examined thoroughly for wear, breakage, and distortion. All parts have been measured for wear, and only those components that meet manufacturer's specifications are used. They are then reassembled and fine-tuned to ensure that all tolerances and clearances are measured and adjusted to the optimal specification. We add new o-rings, seals, and gaskets, and we use high energy steel and friction clutches, new differential bearings, a heavy duty torque converter, a new internal filter and an add-on inline cooler filter where applicable. We then test the transmissions on our dyno to make sure it works as it should.

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