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OFFERING Expert Repair,
Rebuilding and Replacement
of all Transmissions for all
Makes and Models

Superior Service, Unequaled Quality,
Technologically Advanced
Offering Expert Repair, Rebuilding and Replacement of Transmissions for all Makes and Models

Transmission Services


Removal of the old transmission fluid and replace it with new, clean fluid of the grade recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.


In Addition to replacing old transmission fluid, replacing the automatic transmission filter helps remove dirt and contaminants from the automatic transmission fluid.


As the transmission fluid ages, viscosity breaks down and contaminants build up, leaving your vehicle's transmission vulnerable to breakdowns. A complete Transmission flush replaces all the fluid in the transmission and gives long term protection and reliability.

Transmission Services

What does it mean when you "scan" my transmission?

  • A scanner is, essentially, a computer which communicates with the computer inside of any computer-controlled transmission. It requests, receives, and translates the warning and error codes which your vehicle's transmission computer has recorded, allowing our scanner to understand and describe your transmission's problems to us.

  • While an exceptionally useful piece of modern equipment, the scanner is not always accurate. False error messages, problems with the transmission computer, and errors which go undetected exist. However, a scanner is an incredibly valuable tool that, when used together with an expert technician's visual evaluation, can help determine exactly what problems your broken transmission is experiencing.

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